24 Fun VR Apps for Smartphone

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Today, when many already have virtual reality glasses, it remains only to understand what to do with them and how to get the most out of them. In this collection we offer to experience 24 kinds of entertainment for all tastes.

The modern mobile phone has everything you need for a virtual reality device – a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a compass, and a large screen that can be divided into two parts: for the left and right eyes. There is a sound, a processor, an operating system. It just lacks a pair of lenses and a simple way to fixate the smartphone. Many devices available on the market are succesfully coping with this, from the cheapest cardboard headsets to better and more convenient ones. It remains only to download interesting applications.

The first VR-cartoon, nominated for an Oscar

This year, a short film shot in the format of virtual reality, for the first time was nominated on Oscar. The film “Pearl” was shot by Patrick Osborne, author of the touching cartoon “Feast” about the wandering dog, which already brought him Oscar. This time Osborn introduced an animated road-movie about girl’s journey with her father. You can watch the movie on YouTube.


When VR-entertainment only started to appear, genre of horror was prophesied with the most successful future in this field. And now these predictions come true. Sisters – one of the most popular VR-games in this genre among those presented in the App Store and Google Play. There is practically no interaction with the environment in it. You can only observe all the action, literally without getting up from the chair, but the skillfully created atmosphere and laconic bright plot do their job. Sisters – an exciting gaming experience, especially for mobile games. And pretty scary. We warned you.


The media industry is fond of re-publishing old legends. There is also classic “Quake” on mobile platforms, also in the format of virtual reality. Fans of the series do not need to know more, while others will probably pass by. However, in order not to “shoot with eyes”, as in most casual mobile VR-shooters, you will have to acquire a special gamepad. By the way, the game has a multiplayer version.

Hidden Temple

Not very complicated, but very nicely drawn and quite diverse point-and-click game. A well-made mix of quests and action, colorful style and good puzzles brought Hidden Temple popularity on Google Play. Its main trouble (however, it’s common flaw of many VR projects) – duration. The game is indecently short for its price.

Titans of Space

An app that inspires hope that a hobby for virtual reality can not only entertain, but also bring benefits. For example, educational. Titans of Space is an impressive interactive tour of the Solar and several neighboring star systems. Space can be scrolled – there are descriptions of celestial bodies and a 50-minute sounded tour. Sensations, without superfluous words, are cosmic.

Chair in a Room

Another really scary horror game. However, it is possible to interact with some game objects only with the help of a Bluetooth-controller, which is bought separately. The game has several endings, ghosts, good graphics, in comparison to other games, and even a simple inventory system. In addition to trying to scare the player here, there is also gameplay. It’s also nice that the game is free. Albeit, only the version for smartphones – the version for a HTC Vive headset on Steam will cost you some money.

Vanguard V

A very beautiful (and therefore demanding to performance) rail shooter. All action takes place in a space orbit, on which the player needs to shoot enemies, dodge meteorites and sweep forward at a very high speed. The two main advantages are dynamics and an unusually well-executed visual component. The main disadvantage is that not every smartphone will manage such demanding game.

Bohemian Rhapsody Experience

Are you interested in VR and love Queen? Bohemian Rhapsody Experience is the sum of two terms. Visualization of the famous “Bohemian Rhapsody”, which can be viewed from the inside with a 360 degree view. Nothing unusual, just a great work in a wonderful graphic and technological frame.


The genre of interactive travel with 360-degree overview is very common among VR-applications, but Orbulus is one of its best representatives. It’s simple – you wear glasses and admire the most beautiful places of the Earth (and a virtual tour to Mars is also available). There are among others: New Year’s Hong Kong, dried up salt lakes of the USA and other amazing landscapes.

House of Terror

A large and eerie mansion with traps and monsters, puzzles – a standard horror adventure to date. A non-linear space in which you can move at will is a big step forward for the current portable VR entertainment. But for a full-fledged management you will have to get a Bluetooth-stick.

Wizard Academy

In the game you are encouraged to try on the role of a wizard, waving a magic wand, and solve simple arithmetic problems, primitive, but dynamic puzzles and sometimes shoot. Polygonal, but juicy graphics and gyro-based control – in general, if your child shows interest in VR, and horror is unlikely to prepare him for primary school – it’s your choice.


Glitcher is one of the most downloaded VR-applications. Remember the Prisma application? It’s almost the same, only instead of the reality, painstakingly colored by a neural network, we have a set of more or less familiar filters. These filters are superimposed on everything around in real time, and you can experience a few psychedelic experiences with your smartphone. And even record video about this.

Subway Surfing

Nothing unusual – just a three-dimensional mobile runner, in which you need to continuously sweep forward, controlling the character movements by tilting the head to the right and left. Even the fact that the action takes place in the flooded New York sewers does not add originality to the game. But, believe me, originality is not really needed here. It’s just a hard-made game with the ability to use a VR-headset, with good control and interesting levels. It is quite enough to become a hit – over 100,000 users have witnessed it.

DinoTrek VR Experience

The next rail VR-excursion. This time it was intended for those who in childhood watched “Walking with dinosaurs” and looked at the illustrated encyclopedias with ancient lizards. A finely done walk in the park with dinosaurs for mobile devices.


Although not filled with genre innovation, but this is one of the most attention-grabbing VR releases for mobile platforms. Developed by the Nival (known for its continuation of the series Heroes of Might and Magic), the arcade has two important features: it is dynamic and very beautiful. Good atmosphere, in addition to graphics – all the action takes place inside the human brain, and the player is invited to fly forward through the network of neurons. But there is one problem – the game is noticeably shorter than it should be.


Another bright and colorful release of the Nival, which is dedicated to the microworld. The game is similar to a classic runner with obstacles, but the actions take place inside the cell. Red areas should be avoided – they are viruses, and green and white – collected, they can help you progress.

Google Arts & Culture

Virtual reality is not only an opportunity to ride a roller coaster, while lying on your favorite couch. Google has released a number of applications for VR, allowing you to culturally brighten your leisure with a smartphone and VR-glasses. For example, this is virtual museum, where you can inspect in detail from all sides canvases of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Utrillo or other great artists.

Google Street View

In fact – the good old and well-known Google Earth service, grounded in the use of virtual reality glasses. Panoramas of streets with the possibility of a 360-degree view with the effect of the so-called “full immersion”. We do not ask for more.

Google Cardboard Camera

An application for creating three-dimensional panoramas with the ability to record sound of what is happening. A separate gallery is available for viewing the footage with the help of special glasses, a simple and distinct interface. So far, users complain about two main problems: the relatively low quality of the shooting and the lack of the ability to make a full spherical panorama.


Independent studio and the self-titled Internet project, presented by both the site and the application for smartphones, dedicated to various VR-videos. Traveling through Nepal, mountain ascents, cartoons (amazing “INVASION!” about the bunny and aliens), sports events, funny shorts – all in virtual reality format. There are a lot of videos, and among them there are some really exciting.


Fulldive is a search interface for VR content. Games, films, videos, photo galleries – a full-fledged window into the world of VR-entertainment.

Channels on YouTube

Journey through the Large Hadron Collider in the VR

On YouTube, there are a lot of channels that produce 360-degree VR-video. You can find them by simply typing the corresponding query into the search. Here you will find panoramic shooting of parachute jumping, grazing elephants or girls engaged in yoga. The main thing is that the video is presented in high resolution – preferably 4K, so you do not have to frown at the crawling pixels. Open your favorite video in the YouTube app and place the smartphone in VR mode (the icon with the glasses in the corner of the screen). Enjoy watching.


The official application for the virtual reality of the New York Times. It presents a lot of diverse content: from noir shorts to all kinds of 360-degree experiences with immersion in water or sending to hot spots. As a rule, information videos are accompanied by comments of leading NYT journalists.

War of Words

Curious British project on the theme of the First World War and English poetry. In essence, this is the visualization of a poem by Siegfried Sassoon, one of the most important authors of the Albion of the early 20th century. Just a little story about preparing a rifle for the battle – and at the same time one of the most beautiful animation clips made specifically for VR.

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