Apple Pencil Stylus Review

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Apple likes to surprise fans of its products. First, Steve Jobs declares that “the era of styluses is over”. And then they unexpectedly develop Apple Pencil, hi-tech stylus. According to some representatives of the company, such tool is useful to people of creative professions. Let’s see what the “pencil” from Apple is capable of.
apple pencil stylusApple Pencil is an additional accessory, which is positioned as an optional but desirable tool for working on a tablet. Most of all, it is suitable for designers, developers, engineers. With a stylus it is very convenient to draw on the screen of the device.
At the top there is a Lightning connector, through which the device is charged. It should be handled with care, because this element is rather fragile. There is also an adapter, which somewhat improves the situation.
The need to charge the gadget reduces its ease of use. But there is nothing you can do, each manufacturer has its own preferences. The stylus can be attached to the tablet with the help of a magnet. It works only with the iPad Pro and does not connect to other mobile devices. In any case, the manufacturer claims so.
apple stylus chargeIn Apple Pencil there is a Bluetooth module, through which connection is available. A fully charged device works about 12 hours. If the stylus is discharged, a corresponding notification appears.
The accessory has quite a lot of pluses. For example, it recognizes up to 2048 degrees of depression and deviation from the horizontal plane. This is very convenient, because it helps to output letters or other elements with lines of different thicknesses and do shading.
To work with the stylus you need special programs, which, however, have been available for a long time. So any artist or designer, being the owner of the tablet iPad Pro, will be able to feel the benefits when using it.
It is worth noting that Apple Pencil does not have a lot of unique features that third-party accessories can boast of. This is a good and high-quality stylus, but only that. At the same time, it has rather weak integration into the operating system.

apple pencil drawingHowever, writing with Apple Pencil is convenient, because there is no delay between tapping the stylus on the screen and the appearance of a line or dot. True, the screen – is not paper, the tip of the gadget slides on a smooth surface with little or no resistance. But someone might even like it.
There are a lot of software tools. In the modes of operation, you can easily find an ordinary pencil, a marker, and a couple of other things.
Anyway, we can’t really call this stylus necessary accessory for work or entertainment with the tablet. But, as mentioned above, it can be extremely useful to some categories of users. The stylus is not bad, it’s weighty, which is undoubtedly an advantage – light pen, that you can’t feel in your hand, is worse for working with the graphic editor than Apple Pencil.
apple pencil review

In general, A Digital Frame recommends Apple Pencil to fans of Apple products. And you can buy this pencil on Amazon.

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