Best VR Experience – Top 10 Android Apps

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If you purchased virtual reality glasses for your Android smartphone, there is a logical question, what are the most interesting and best applications from Google Play that are worth experiencing. In our collection you will find top 10 android apps for VR-glasses on Android. If you are still choosing your own headset of virtual reality, pay attention to our article about the VR-headsets for mobile.

1. Google Cardboard

Perhaps, the best VR-application from Google for beginners. It is one of the must-have programs for owners of glasses such as Google Cardboard and similar to them. The program comes with built-in company services, like Google Earth, a video player, photosphere and demo versions of some 3D objects. Also, Google Cardboard has a catalog of VR applications and games, which makes finding new content much easier.

2.Video player AAA VR Cinema

The AAA VR Cinema application is a video player on Android that allows you to play locally stored VR content on your smartphone / tablet. It’s quite easy to use. You upload a panoramic video to your smartphone, and then watch it through this player anywhere. It has support for 180º and 360-degree video and tracks the position of the head for better picture quality. If you want to try the app, it’s absolutely free to download from Google Play.

3. Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera is another of those applications that need to be installed on a virtual reality enthusiast’s smartphone. This program allows you to shoot VR photos and beautiful panoramas with the camera of your phone and view them in 3D via your headset or glasses.

VR-camera is easy to use, Google does not require neither registration, nor purchase of the application, you just download it from the Play Market, install and start shooting. In the beginning, you will have to get used to the application a little, but then the process becomes very fun and interesting.

4. Expeditions

“Expeditions” is an education-oriented application that is designed to study nature and the environment. However, it can be used almost anywhere you want.

The application has more than 200 expeditions, you will get the opportunity to personally check various landmarks, terrain shapes, and also virtually visit many other places. There is a 360 degree mode that works even without a VR helmet. In the Google Play store, the Expeditions program is completely free.

5. Fulldive VR

This is a large catalog of various VR-content, like photos, videos, and clips. With Fulldive VR, you “completely immerse yourself” in the study of the virtual world. In it there are simply tons of content from all over the Internet, also there you can find the catalog of the best VR games.

This application is free to download from Goolge Play and is mandatory for installation if you are a real fan of virtual reality.

6. Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture is a fun little application that only this year received support for VR helmets. We have a virtual guide to the most interesting corners of our world. In the application catalog there are hundreds of museums, attractions and cultural monuments that can be visited without leaving home.

You can also view individual works of art and choose them based on color, creation time period and other. I’m glad that such a smart and cognitive application on Android is distributed completely free.

7. Google Street View

Google Street View is an old friend of Google Maps. The application has recently been updated and has received support for virtual mode. In this program you can view real streets and terrain on city maps in 360-degree mode.

This is very useful, for example, when you need to get somewhere where you have not been before. Just set the Street View, put on the VR helmet and explore this location. In addition, you can view content placed by other users and add your own to Google Maps.

8. Titans of Space

This application with a model of the solar system, which naturally displays everything in 3D using VR-helmets. Here you can fly between planets, explore space and compare planets in size and shape. During your entire virtual journey, lovely soundtrack is playing.

The application is available for download on Freemium model, the program itself with basic functions is distributed for free, but additional content can be purchased for $ 2.99.

9.VaR’s VR Video Player

This is another video player for VR content. The program has received more than one million installations and it is in the top charts among the most popular applications for virtual reality. VaR’s VR Video Player has the ability to play various VR video clips, including 180-degree and 360-degree video.

You can even play streaming video from third-party sites in this program. In the application interface there is a virtual control panel, so you can choose and switch videos without removing your helmet. For the Android platform, this program is completely free.

10. YouTube

We are sure that this application is already installed on your smartphones. However, VR-glasses or a headset opens new possibilities for viewing video content in it. This is one of the first platforms with a 360-degree video designed for viewing in virtual reality headsets.

With the help of YouTube, you can almost feel like you are physically on a rock concert or go on a trip through the jungles of the Amazon. Also, you can watch the newest trailers for movies in 3D, and with the YouTube Red subscription for $ 9.99 per month you can get rid of the built-in advertising in the service.

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