Best VR headsets for mobile phones

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Usually, when it comes to VR-devices, many immediately think of Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. In fact, there are other types of gadgets, they can be called entry-level video glasses. They also show virtual reality, but display is not included, it uses your phone’s screen. In most cases, all relatively modern iPhones are supported, from iPhone 5S to iPhone 7, plus Android OS smartphones.

In general, if you don’t already own a VR-headset, but you have a smartphone and you wanna see and try what virtual reality is like, look through our selection (and also our article on how VR changes the industry of ХХХ). Perhaps, a collection of video glasses, which we are publishing today, will help you make a decisive last step, before complete immersion in virtual and augmented reality.

Fibrum Pro

In these virtual reality glasses, as in all the rest of the collection, a smartphone is used instead of the display. This device without problems can be put on head and does not cause any inconveniences. What we really like in them is a special system of fasteners, which provides ventilation of the smartphone. As a result, there is no overheating of helmet and fogging of lenses. Device has its own application (available on Google Play, Appstore or Windows Phone Store).

Glasses are compatible with large number of smartphone models with display size of 4 to 6 inches. Any mobile OS is supported: iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Head-track technology allows you to easily navigate in any of virtual reality applications.

Together with glasses user gets the opportunity to ride on a roller coaster, wander through underground labyrinths or watch a 3D movie, without leaving a living room.

Fibrum Pro Features

  • Materials: ABS plastic, glass;
  • Lenses: 30 mm, auto focus;
  • Viewing angle: 110 °;
  • Color: black-blue;
  • Size: 100 x 145 x 80 mm;
  • Weight: 120 g;
  • Compatibility: support for any smartphone based on iOS, Android, Windows Phone with screen size from 4.5 to 5.5 inches (recommended settings) and from 4 to 6 inches (possible options).

You can check them out here.


Google Cardboard from Minkanak

The most basic and universal model of cardboard sets. Its developer is MINKANAK, which already offers a second version of such system. It is suitable for working with most phones, which display size is not more than 6 inches. All functions work on iOS, and on Android devices.

Here are quite large lenses, size of which is 37 mm. According to the developer, this provides a more complete immersion in the virtual environment (of course, to the extent that is possible when working with a smartphone).

Users who tried this system say that it is quite convenient. Kit includes several additional accessories, including an NFC tag. Such headset is sold  in several places, including Amazon.


Xiaomi Mi VR Play

The company Xiaomi offers huge variety of digital products. They produce a large number of different gadgets, from fitness bracelets to quadrocopters. Chinese decided to produce and sell video headsets also, which, I must say, turned out to be quite convenient.

They are universal and suitable for almost any phone with a diagonal of 4.7 to 5.7 inches.

The cost is traditionally low for gadgets from Xiaomi.


Carl Zeiss VR One GX

Most of VR headsets, which use smartphones, consist of a body and a pair of lenses. Carl Zeiss decided to go further (much further) than usual, by integrating high-quality optics, which gives a feeling of almost complete immersion in virtual reality. This, of course, is not Oculus Rift and similar devices, but close to that.

In addition, the manufacturer has built a magnetic touch panel, which allows you to control the application without getting a smartphone from the plastic tab. It is worth noting that if you have an iPhone 6 Plus, you do not need this model, but a larger system – VR One Plus.

As for the price, here it is higher, when compared with all other devices of this type. On the Amazon Carl Zeiss VR One GX is sold at a moderate price.


VR Box 2.0

These virtual reality headsets are the golden mean in terms of price / quality ratio. Excellent build quality and a high degree of compatibility with most smartphones – that’s what VR Box 2.0 is. The viewing angle here is 95-100 degrees. Lenses are aspherical, they can be adjusted in width, and also adjust the sharpness according to the eyes of any user.

The smartphone is inserted into a special tray, where it is securely fixed. There is also a hole for the camera in this headset – it can be used in games and applications that work with augmented reality. On sides of the device – connectors for headphones, charging cable and other devices.



  • Signal Source: Smartphone
  • Built-in headphones: no
  • Compatibility: iOS or Android device with dimensions not exceeding 16 x 8.2 x 1 cm

By the way, complete set also includes joystick which operates VR headset without physical contact with it. It’s quite comfortable.

VR Box 2.0 is already available for sale, you can order them from Amazon.


View-Master DLX VR

This headset is optimized for iPhone, although it works with Android too. There is support for headphones, plus, according to the manufacturer, there are excellent lenses. On the matter of quality of View-Master DLX VR i can say that this is the first VR-headset, which is sold in Apple stores.

This is first generation of video headsets from Mattel, but, as far as i can tell, glasses turned out to be excellent. Here everything is adjustable – arrangement of the lenses and configuration of the belt. Mask is reliably mounted, does not cause any discomfort. Now sold on Amazon.


FreeFly VR

Video headset FreeFly VR looks, frankly, unusual. There are a lot of features, including a wireless Bluetooth-controller, compatibility with Andoid and iOS devices and a viewing angle of 120 degrees. Device works with smartphones from 4.7 to 6.1 inches. Lenses in headset are biconvex, diameter – 41 mm, dioptric power +27. Weight of the device is only 295 grams.

Joystick is well thought out. There are several function buttons that you can use when working with both normal applications and games. You can customize buttons on your own.

This VR headset has full compatibility with any Google Cardboard content. Quite interesting that it is Europeans, not Chinese, who designed this headset.

Cost of the device is not high, you can buy it on Amazon.


Homido V1

Finally, last version of the virtual reality glasses, which are compatible with all smartphones with a diagonal of display from 4 to 5.7 inches. As in the previous versions, it is possible to watch movies in 3D format, play games or even broadcast your gameplay to the internet by connecting a gamepad.

In this model, you can fine-tune individual parameters of the gadget. So you can use glasses for children, by setting a small distance between the lenses, and for people with eyesight problem, for example, a person with astigmatism.

Glasses have their own Homido Center application, available to both Google Play users and the App Store.

Where you can buy it? In USA, such glasses can be purchased from Amazon. Fast and reliable 🙂

In general, we can say that headsets for virtual reality, including those that work with smartphones, continue to improve. Manufacturers have long considered problems of gadgets that were not very successful, and are trying to market system without obvious flaws and with additional features like improved optics or a wireless controller. After getting acquainted with devices listed above, you can try to completely immerse yourself in the virtual reality world with HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift.

In any case, there is something to choose from. Number of models of VR-headsets is already calculated in dozens. Best models we indicated in this collection, but, of course, there are other quite good systems on the market. We also offer to share in comments your opinion of those VR-headsets that you have already used or continue to use.


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