Body Cameras For Civilians – Best in 2017

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Sony HDRAS100V/W96/100
GoPro HERO4 BLACK95/100
4K 30Fps Action Cam94/100
RIVIO R360 VR 3D Panoramic91/100
Sony AZ1 Action Camera90/100
TomTom Bandit 4k Action Video Camera90/100
JVIN VR 360 Camera Panoramic View87/100
ISAW Extreme81/100

Would you like to record everything you see? But without beeing obvious to surrounding you people. Sometimes, hidden wearable camera can be useful not just for police officers on duty. In fact, any citizen can get benefit of this technology, in order to protect their rights or to remember specific events without raising suspicion of other people, that are beeing filmed.


Here are a few examples how hidden video camera can be used in your daily life:

  1. Watching your child or nanny
    Do you suspect that your children, while you’re absent, are not doing what they should? It seems to you that nanny you hired or housekeeper are beeing dishonest with you in some way or another? The best way to find out the answers to these questions is to place one or more hidden video cameras or mini DVRs in your apartment or on your child! Modern models of mini video cameras are so compact and mobile that you can constantly change its location and avoid beeing detected. With a hidden video camera, you will be aware of what is happening even when you are not around. For these purposes, you can use wireless hidden video cameras that can transmit video data over the Internet, or spy camera with a motion sensor. Additionally, portable power supplies allow mini-cameras to work very long time independently.
  2. Monitoring your apartment or office during your absence with a mini DVR
    Preparing for important business deal? Not trusting those who live in your home? Are money or valuables missing? A hidden video camera will allow you to fix all of this and get rid of trust issues and unnecessary guesswork. Hidden mini camera will allow you to stay on top, to be confident in your actions, both at home and in the office! Trust your eyes, and they will not let you down thanks to hidden video surveillance. For remote monitoring of the office, as well as for your home, you can use wireless IP mini cameras, or mini cameras with motion sensor.
  3. Collecting information about your business partners
    Do not trust your business partner? Do you doubt the honesty of suppliers? A hidden video camera will come to your rescue: now you can confidently conclude deals and work only with honest people. In this case, the best choice will be mini cameras, designed for hidden recording.
  4. Secretly or openly make copies of the important documents with body camera
    Did you have an important document in your hands and only 1 minute to inspect it? Quickly and qualitatively, with the help of a hidden camera you can make a copy of this document in a matter of seconds, to study it later in quiet environment. And the dimensions of the video camera are so small that no one will even notice and think about the fact that you managed to make a copy! Previously, this was available only to agents of special services, and with the advent of micro cameras and mini DVRs, you can do it! Of course, to make everything happen unnoticed, it’s best to use body cameras designed for hidden shooting.
  5. Monitoring your car or driver
    Do you think that the driver-forwarder deviates from a certain route, and your personal driver is engaged in private transportation during working hours? The time of indirect methods, verification of checks and route sheets has long since passed, and the time of placing GPS beacons in all vehicles of the company has not yet arrived (or drivers already know about the existence of GPS signal jammers?). This is a time for compact and easy-to-use hidden cameras that will let you know what’s really going on!
  6. The camera can be installed on a motorcycle helmet or in the car, which will provide you with evidence in the event of an accident
    Have you often been or heard about situations where you are being blamed for something, while in fact you were perfectly right? Are dishonest witnesses giving false testimony? When using body camera for citizens, you are spared from these problems: the video material is what will allow you to prove your innocence. For these purposes, you can use any wearable mini camera that can record while charging, or an action-mini camera, with protection from various influences.
  7. Fighting dishonest officials
    Someone’s demanding a bribe? Just make one simple habit: when going to an official, wear hidden cam or video recorder with motion sensor and record the entire meeting. You will save time and money! It is quite obvious that most convenient way, is using body video cameras specially designed for these purposes.
  8. Record your video and send it to friends via Internet                    Modern body cameras and hidden wearable devices allow you to record high-quality video (the quality of hidden camera videos is better than most built-in webcams of laptops and mobile phones), which you can then post on web sites (such as youtube) or send to your friends and colleagues. Spy cameras are so small that you can always carry them with you and capture all the best moments, and then share it with others! Have you ever seen inscriptions like ‘Do not take pictures!’? Now that you have a wonderful mini camera, these are non-existant for you, only advise for you is to choose the most advanced model of the body camera for civilians that records video in HD quality.

And this is only a small part of those uses that a body camera can have in your daily life. A hidden camera is suitable for use anywhere where small size and mobility are important, that is, almost always and everywhere.

Body cameras for civilians

A concealed wearable miniature camera is usually fixed on the pocket, lapel of clothing or on the sides and flaps of the bag. Therefore, when choosing right one it is better to give preference to compact models with a minimum weight. In addition, the body of camera must have a clip to quickly and easily fix the camera on clothes.
A reliable Safevant HD Police Body Camera with size smaller than a cigarette pack weighs just 1.4 pounds. The clip is located on the body just below the lens, and the light indicators of the camera work – on the back side. This makes it as inconspicuous as possible when disguised on clothes or a bag.

Police Body Cam provides almost professional video surveillance. The camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 140 °. The video is recorded in true HD 1296p(4 resolution choices), so if you want you can capture even the smallest details. There is a function of cyclic recording. Another advantage – camera is resistant to shocks. It is easy to operate and can record for up to 7+ hours straight in -30~55 C environment temperature.
The range of use of the Safevant HD Camera is much larger than that of other models. The camera is equipped with a motion sensor and infrared night illumination. No wonder that this body camera is used not just by civilians but also by police force all around the globe.

Selecting a wearable camera. A pen? Clock?

Everybody in childhood was surprised by various special agents from famous movies or book stories that were always equipped with the latest technology and had in their use a variety of amazing imaginative spy devices: built-in microchips, a miniature video camera, special multifunction pens and others.
Many of these devices for a long time were just fantasies of filmmakers and writers, but thanks to scientific and technical progress some of these fantasies were realized.
For example, a hidden spy camcorder, which can be placed in a special ballpoint pen or watch, and which can solve many problems and answer many questions of interest. Naturally, the moral aspect of the issue is the subject of long discussions, is peeping or interfering with the personal life of another person ethically acceptable? But there are situations when a mini video camera is able to solve very complicated life situations or issues important for safety of life.

For any boss, a video camera in the pen will allow tracking the actions of employees, their attitude to the work process and the general mood in the team. This will allow to find effective methods for improving working capacity or setting working environment in the team. Every parent is concerned about the actions of his child, especially in the light of current trends in the development of alcoholism, drug addiction, and crime among adolescents. A hidden video camera in a watch will answer the vital questions, will allow to avoid troubles and protect the child from wrong actions. Many wives or husbands are very jealous and often unreasonably do not trust their other half, which poisons the relationship and leads to groundless scandals and discord in the family. A hidden video camera will help dispel such suspicions and restore a favorable family microclimate. And how many people suffer from arbitrariness and corruption of officials, demanding bribes or hanging unlawful acts without rights?

The newest mini video cameras has up to 64 Gigabytes of internal memory and allows you to work in two directions – video recording and photography. With the help of a USB port in the camcorder – quality material from the drive can be transferred to a computer. Design allows video recording in the .AVI format up to 8 hours. Sensitive microphone will allow you to fully transmit the entire atmosphere of the event.
Making sure that the wearable camera is now completely real, it is not superfluous to clarify the question, how and at what price can you buy spy equipment? Despite all the fantastic nature of this technical invention, the mini video camera is far from fantastic, but quite affordable. Very convenient that any modification of the device can be ordered online with delivery to the office or house, and payment can be made upon receipt. The annual warranty period is an excellent testament to the quality and authenticity of the product, and the positive feedback from buyers only confirm this fact.

Wearable body cameras can make an amazing gift or a useful tool for everyday life. You can without any effort, capture moments and events either for your own safety or for exciting memories. Taking action 360 cams to adventure travel or on extreme holidays, is almost a must nowadays. They are durable and reliable, a perfect choice for any activity.

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