CampStove 2: a stove, from which you can charge gadgets

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Without a different kind of gadgets, many people are afraid to go out. In fact, how can you spend an hour without your favorite smartphone? And what about the camping, fishing or hunting? Despite the fact that this is a holiday for recreation from the hectic everyday life and work, many of us even take our phones on a trip.

But here’s the problem. Not everywhere and not always you can find the source of electricity. Let’s say you went to the forest with a tent. The phone battery has died, but you need to make an urgent call. Probably, a spare battery or a powerbank is successfully forgotten at home or something happened. What to do in this case? The company BioLite proposes to use the CampStove charging stove, and the second version is out already. With the help of this interesting device, you can also prepare food (fish to fry) and charge the phone.

It would seem that this combination is strange. The stove and the charger – isn’t it ridiculous? Not at all. The thing is that a thermoelectric generator is built in a safe portable furnace, which is heated with ordinary wood. For the convenience of the user, there is also a fan supplying oxygen to the source of ignition. As a result, the fire burns even better and energy is generated.

It is fed to the built-in USB-port, from which you can charge just anything.

The company improved the characteristics of the second version of the furnace, raising the total power to 3 watts. The developers added a built-in battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh. If there is nothing to charge, the battery stores energy, which can be used later. In order to make your device even more interesting, the company added LED indicators. They show the flame temperature, the fan speed and the total charge of the built-in battery.

As for the latter, it may have been worthwhile making it more voluminous – there are no restrictions. But the manufacturers did not want to make their device massive. HisIts weight remained the same – 935 grams. In the camping, of course, every gram is important, so it was decided to do without the increased battery.

You can buy this bundle on Amazon. In general, this is a little more than a different kind of stoves and stoves for professional tourists.

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