Five ideas how to distract kids from PC, TV and tablet

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If your child spends whole days in front of TV and can be distracted only by tablet or PC, it is not always necessary to declare war on electronics. Some child psychologists say that passion for gadgets among children of all ages is a new reality, so strict forbidding or hiding devices isn’t the best solution. It’s better to adapt and find other useful devices for your kids. Show them how many interesting things can be done out of home.

Our children with incredible speed master all new high-tech devices, craving for knowledge and new discoveries. On one hand, it’s good, but when whole range of interests comes down to a tablet and a gaming console, many parents start to sound alarm. “Evil technologies locked kids at home, and they are communicating with friends only through messengers! In our childhood everything was vice versa, and parents spent hours looking for kids outside.”

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But kids are not to blame for this, and modern electronics manufacturers even more so. Children slide on the wave of progress, and their parents’ hobbies of the past do not attract them anymore. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t find a compromise between gadgets, exploring outside world and active entertainment with friends or family in the park. So we made a list of ideas, how to distract kids from cartoons and games. Well, and remember main advice of all child psychologists: don’t forget to learn and test these devices together with your child, because time spent together is even more valuable than the gift itself.




After playing computer games, child has already acquired control skills with the help of joysticks. Great, now is time to make use of these skills in real world and learn how to control devices. And it’s not as simple as it seems. Here, you can’t just in a couple of clicks start the mission anew, so mastering quadrocopter will help to develop perseverance and patience. You will have to become an example and should stop despair in case of failures. So the learning process does not become too tedious, you can come up with interesting goals for your kid – for example, learn to land a copter in a certain location.

Buying most heaped model usually isn’t worth it, because main goal is training, and you shouldn’t scold children for breaks and failures. Also, in case of breakage you can and should teach them how to fix equipment – this experience will prove useful in adulthood.

This is, of course, not the club of a young aircraft designer, but still much better than sitting during the summer inside four walls of the house.

Cheerson CX-10W

Control methodRemote controller
Communication interfaceRadio
Power and chargeLi-Pol 450 mAh
AdditionallyCamcorder 720p
Weight55 grams
Product description on siteCheerson CX-10W

Extremely compact model of palm-sized copter, which is perfect for acquaintance with this type of technique. You can test it even indoors, adjusting control of joysticks on the remote, and after that on the street check video recording capabilities with built-in camera. At the same time there will be an opportunity to use computer for the montage of videos.

Parrot Airborne Cargo Drone Mars

Control methodAndroid / iOS smartphone
Communication interfaceBluetooth
Power and charge550 mAh from USB
AdditionallyVGA camera 15 fps
Weight63 grams
Product description on siteParrot Airborne Cargo Drone Mars

Despite the abundance of professional operator models of copters in the line of Parrot, there is this model for the newcomers. Light and manoeuvrable Cargo Drone Mars is made from practical flexible materials and equipped with a familiar microUSB for charging, and instead of control panel, a smartphone or child’s tablet will be useful here. In addition, it can carry small loads.

As a result, we get not just copter, but a technological device with Bluetooth from the famous brand, which will encourage kid to achieve success in flights.

Mixberry MHD-020BK

Control methodAndroid / iOS smartphone
Communication interfaceWi-Fi
Power and chargeLi-Pol 750 mAh
AdditionallyCamera 720p 30 fps
Dimensions and weight80x310x315 mm, 148 grams
Product description on siteMixberry MHD-020BK

And what if you combine a camera for video shooting and controls via smartphone in one quadrocopter? Easy and maneuverable Mixberry is ideal for young pilots who are ready to reach the heights of panoramic shooting and learn the intricacies of control. The application for smartphones and tablets allows you to choose level of training of the pilot, replaceable batteries can be purchased for future use and charged via USB-adapter. There are no problems with spare parts (after all anything can happen with quadrocopters). An important feature is recording video in HD-resolution on a memory card, plus connecting to a smartphone via Wi-Fi, which allows you to let copter fly for tens of meters away from yourself.


Radio controlled models


Flying technology on radio control is a great option, which develops reaction and perseverance, but it can be effectively used only in windless weather. When the weather isn’t suitable for flying, land transport modes are ready to enter into business. It is important not to leave child alone with a toy and actively participate in the process: prompt the route, choose paths of detour and encourage creative thinking.

ECX Ruckus 4WD Monster Truck

Control methodRemote controller
Battery4 AA batteries required
Speed up to 45 km / h
Dimensions and weight13.5 x 10 x 8.8 inches, 4.2 pounds
Product description on siteECX Ruckus 4WD Monster Truck

Cars on radio control are good in summer on a special court surface. But if you live in a place where warm, sunny day is the exception, then optimal choice is SUV, ready to conquer bumps and lawn, and even snowy roads. ECX Ruckus is equipped with active independent suspension and differentials on both axles, which will allow you to climb steep slides and overcome loose sands. Give your child a new look on walks in the park and spending time with grandparents in country.

RC Fork Excavator

Control methodRemote controller
Battery2 AA batteries
AdditionallyLight effects, a metal ladle and a board
Dimensions and weight13 x 7 x 11 inches, 5.3 pounds
Description of products on the siteRC Fork Excavator

Among the toys on radio control there are also advanced working models that develop in child a creative approach to the choice of environment. Taking on the armament of a mining dump truck and an excavator on radio control, you can turn an ordinary walk into a cohesive teamwork. Every time filling new volumes of sand from the sandbox, the desire to build virtual houses from cubes will quickly dissolve.


Self-balancing scooter


Even an ordinary walk can be turned into an exciting activity, ready to give your kid a lot of joy. Walking in park is boring, push scooter is not as fun anymore, but what if you walk to the park for a gyroscope trip. How do you like this option? This technology is popular with modern youth. Hard to call this kind of leisure as active, and trips on gyroscope won’t exactly replace sport activities, but this might help with diversifying leisure. By the way, hoverboard develops skills of body coordination in space, which is also not bad.

Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

Wheel diameter16.5 centimeters
Permissible weight20-110 kg
Maximum speed and distance15 km / h, up to 20 km
Battery4400 mAh
Weight25.25 pounds
Product description on sitePowerboard by HOVERBOARD

Basic model with 6.5-inch wheels is designed for movement on asphalt and other flat surfaces. Gyroscope is ready to achieve speed of up to 10 km / h and works three-odd hours on one charge. An interesting support for skateboarding and biking, which develops child’s coordination skills, and at the same time doesn’t tolerate domestic gatherings at the TV.

SWAGTRON T5 Entry Level Hoverboard

Wheel diameter25.4 centimeters
Permissible weight20-110 kg
Maximum speed and distance15 km / h to 20 km
Battery4400 mAh
Weight24.05 pounds
Product description on siteSWAGTRON T5 Entry Level Hoverboard

In order to be not limited to the movement on asphalt, it makes sense to consider the option of buying gyroscope with ten-inch wheels, providing better cross-country ability and an angle of entry to 15 degrees. In addition to the size of wheels it has greater weight equal to 12 kilograms. Worth taking into account before the grandiose summer vacation plans with kids, considering that most likely, you will need to carry this equipment.




Nothing motivates us to study new stuff, as awareness of scale of the world around us and amount of everything unknown. For any child, starry sky is an absolutely mysterious space. Why don’t you try exploring it together? With the help of a conventional amateur telescope, you can see enough for a beginner astronomer. You just need good weather and clear sky. Consider craters and contours of “seas” on the moon, count galaxies, see satellites of Jupiter and Saturn rings. With a telescope, you can see amazing Andromeda live and look at dense clusters of stars in our galaxy. Don’t forget to add gallery of Hubble pictures, and as soon as your kid sees Venus, show photos from its surface made by Soviet aircraft.

Main characteristic of telescopes is value of the maximum magnification. In addition to it, when choosing a model, one should pay attention to the limiting magnitude. It shows the level of luminosity of objects available for observation. The higher this value, the more dim stars and planets can be studied through the optics of telescope.

Meade Instruments Infinity 102mm AZ Refractor Telescope

Aperture102mm (4.0")
Focal Length600mm
Focal Ratio f/5.9
Product description on siteMeade Instruments Infinity 102mm AZ Refractor Telescope

To begin studying night sky, it is not necessary to mortgage your home and purchase professional equipment. You can start with an accessible refractor telescope with a relative aperture of 1:15 and a star magnitude of 11.1 m, which is enough to see Jovian rings with three main satellites, and at the same time other comparable objects. Depending on the purpose, you can combine the magnification with three eyepieces and two lenses.

Celestron 21061 AstroMaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope

Aperture70 mm (2.76 in)
Focal Ratio12.86
Focal Length900 mm (35.43 in)
Product description on site
Celestron AstroMaster LT 70 AZ

Among amateur telescopes, another important parameter to pay attention to is the collecting ability of optics, which increases brightness in comparison to the study of the sky with naked eye. On AstroMaster LT 70 AZ telescope, the relative aperture value is 1:10, and the maximum stellar magnitude reaches 11.7 m, which allows to explore more than six satellites of Jupiter, outlined contours of the rings of Saturn and even the nucleus of Andromeda. Not even mentioning tens of thousands of stars on a clear night, if you get out of the city. Impressive sight.

Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope

Focal Length1000mm
Finder Scope6x30mm
Product description on siteCelestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope

 If you are most interested in discovering the panorama of the universe, it is better to immediately acquire a reflector telescope with a mirror. This design was invented by Newton, and the most famous telescope of the reflex type is in the orbit of our planet. From the obvious differences in front of the refractors: a relative aperture of 1: 5 and a maximum stellar magnitude of 13.1 m, which will enchantly peer into clouds of dust and gas at the arm of the Milky Way, count two dozen stars in the galaxy and explore the structure of Mars. Moreover, every year there are bright sand storms that can be seen live.

Smart Watches and Trackers


Go on swimming or jogging to improve endurance and attend sport activities for physical development – seriously? It is easier to involve children in sports by personal example – it is proven. And to make sure that incentive is enough for you and your kid, turn the sport into an exciting and high-tech competition. Help in this matter comes from trackers of physical activity or smart clocks with a pedometer. Child can compete with himself, with average indicators, with friends or parents. But also it is necessary to agree on measures of encouragement in case of achievement of the goal. Ran 30 km a week  – get the long-awaited new game, it’s all fair.

Jawbone UP MOVE

SensorsMovement, pedometer
CompatibilityAndroid, iOS
BatteryCR 2032 up to 6 months
Weight6.8 grams
Product description on siteJawbone UP MOVE

To collect reports of daily activities and to see the results of the time spent in the swimming pool? With this tiny tracker, all information will be synchronized with the mobile application on the smartphone. The tracker works simply, effectively and consistently accurately, which is especially important in competitions with peers.

Asus Vivo Watch

SensorsPedometer, movement, pulse meter, UV-radiation
CompatibilityAndroid, iOS
Battery123 mAh up to 10 days
Weight50 grams
Product description on siteAsus Vivo Watch

If your kid deserved encouragement and asks for cool and smart clock for long time, the baseline model from Asus will help to combine business with pleasure. Capacious battery provides up to 10 days of work on one charge, and a full range of smart technologies includes a magnetic charger and a heart rate monitor. A rugged, reliable case is there, and an abundance of Kood OS capabilities will allow you to collect physical activity data in applications on smartphones and tablets.

Maybe something else?

Within the limits of one publication it is impossible to consider all ideas of developing gifts to children which can distract them from watching TV and the world of virtual games. Nevertheless, best advice to make your kids go play outside is very simple: do not fight TV and tablets like an enemy. Usefantasy, remember childhood and choose a high-tech theme for interesting leisure. Show yourself as a good friend and faithful assistant, ready to share many interesting activities besides computer games. Such an approach will not only discourage the child from interest in the tablet, but will also strengthen relations in the family. Be happy, learn new things and inspire others to break away from the couch on a day off! And remember that in this case most important is your own example. Children are always guided only by example, and not by theoretical stories about harm and benefit, flavored with parental orders.

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