Headset Xiaomi VR 2: Samsung Gear VR, but half the price

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Unlike the first model, where you could guess the piety displayed to Google Cardboard, the second version of the headset visually resembles the Samsung Gear VR.

Let’s see what’s inside the box.

Xiaomi is not shy of the similarity with Gear VR and Sony, which is emphasized by both “advertising foreshortenings” and exclusivity, which is achieved by compatibility only with the flagships: new Xiaomi glasses work with Mi 5 line (Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus and Mi Note 2).

The smartphone is fixed inside quite reliably. On one hand it is held by Type-C:

On the other – a special clothespin. Both parts are mobile to take into account the size of the smartphone.

To ensure that the gadget is not scratched and does not slide inside the headset, additional seals are provided along the edges – rubberized rectangles. And also with one of the sides two “teeth” on the springs.

But the smartphone still has to be pulled out of the case!

The design is light enough – about 400 grams – so it’s comfortable to keep it on your head. A tight fit provides a special adjustable headband, which can be adjusted by pressing the button.

In this case, unlike Samsung, the part of the construction that is in contact with the forehead has a larger area. It will not crush with one line in the center of the head.

After the fit sits quite tightly, without gaps.

At the same time, the special fabric lining does not rub, as polyurethane could do. Part of the tissue lining, which directly surrounds the eyes, is unfastened. On the reverse side – the same soft cushion. The design is complemented by a special cover for the headset, which closes the smartphone:


The headset has a number of features that many models lack. First, it’s about an optical sensor that detects when you put on / off the headset.

The glasses are equipped with a motion sensor with a response of 16 ms. Also, of course, the lens is focused with a special wheel. Lenses are configured both at once.


  • Material: ABS (plastic), velvet finish
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Compatibility: Mi5, Mi5S, Mi5S Plus and Mi Note 2
  • Interface: USB Type-C
  • Frequency: Up to 1600 Hz
  • Lenses: Optical class PMMA, Non-glare lenses
  • Distance adjustment
  • Viewing angle: 103 degrees
  • Head circumference: 525 mm – 630 mm
  • Sensors: 6-axis gyrostabilizer, gyroscopes, accelerometer
  • Remote: InvenSense 9-axis sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer
  • Dimensions: 295x200x156 mm
  • Weight: 408 gr

Complete with VR headset – simple control panel:

Package of headset is also luxurious.

These glasses were created to work in pairs with the application, which has some problems: it is Chinese. However, you can watch the video on YouTube without it. By and large, in my opinion, this is another gadget in the collection for Xiaomi fans.

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