Review: Divoom TimeBox: a desktop bluetooth speaker

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Portable audio systems won’t surprise anynone nowadays. On the market this kind of devices are represented by a huge number of models with very different functionality and quality. The price, of course, is also different. There are portable luxury audio systems with almost divine sound and at the cost of a cast-iron bridge, and there are Chinese beepers that are sold almost by weight.
In such a saturated market it is difficult to expect the appearance of any noticeable device. But, as it turned out, nothing is impossible. This is proved by Divoom with its wireless pixel display speaker. The Divoom TimeBox is no longer just an audio system, but a convenient accessory with a clock, a wireless communication module, a microphone, a radio module and one hundred and twenty-one LEDs on the front side. Let’s see what this device can do.

And maybe it’s a lot. Thanks to the wireless communication module, the speaker can be connected to almost any gadget that can play music. Tablet, smartphone, laptop – doesn’t matter. In addition, there is also a built-in microphone, so the speaker can be used as hands-free if a phone or laptop has a VoIP messenger connected. The power of the speaker is not so great, 5 watts, but that’s enough to be able to loudly listen to music indoors. The battery lasts about 6-8 hours.

Someone calls you!

In the package we have a USB-to-microUSB cable, 3.5 mm audio cable (yes, you can listen music when connected via wire, why not), the instruction and the speaker itself.

You can control the device either with the help of a mobile application or with the usual buttons that are located on the top of the Divoom TimeBox. Buttons are pressed with a click, they are rubberized. The application allows you to perform fine-tuning of the speaker, for example, selecting different pictures, animated images, changing the sound, and so on. Since there is a radio module, the column can also be used as a radio receiver – frequency scanning is easy to perform from the screen of a mobile device connected to the Divoom TimeBox. You can configure customization of notifications – for example, new SMS message, a WhatsApp call or ordinary mobile communication.

And there are even various games – allowing you to relax and spend a few minutes, driving pixel machines along the pixel track.

The speaker can be placed in the office or at home, using as a clock, alarm clock, radio alarm clock or a source of fairly high-quality sound. In the built-in memory of the speaker there are 20 calming melodies pre-loaded, which helps you to calm down and fall asleep.

If there is no desire for complex solutions, then you can just set a time and use start listening music. The most interesting thing after all is the work on the customization of the device. At first you can spend hours digging into the directory of animated and ordinary drawings provided by the developer on the website or application. A little later, when the enthusiasm a little subsides, you can already begin get familiar with the functionality of the gadget.

By the way, the device is solidly assembled. The angles of the speaker are made of a nice soft-touch plastic. The leads for cables of different types are on the back side, at the bottom of the column. The speakers are also located on the back. If necessary, the column can be reloaded using the usual button for tablets or phones recessed in the body button.

Oh, yes, there is also a built-in thermometer, so you will always know the temperature inside the room.

Divoom TimeBox Features

  • Weight: 383 g;
  • Size: 114 x 115.8 x 55 mm;
  • LEDs: 121 RGB LEDs;
  • Management: application on the smartphone TimeBox App;
  • Temperature sensor: yes;
  • Speaker: 76 mm;
  • Output power: 5 W;
  • Frequency: 60-20000 Hz;
  • Noise level: ~ 75 dB;
  • Music playing time: up to 6 hours;
  • Battery capacity: 2000 mAh;
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours;
  • Voltage: 3.7 V;
  • Charging method: USB cable, 5 V / 1 A;
  • Wireless interface: Bluetooth V4.0;
  • Operating radius: 10 m;
  • Available pixel colors: 256 colors.

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We are impressed by the capabilities of this device. It is not too expensive, but very functional. As already mentioned above, this smart column with a pixel display can be useful both at home and in the office. It easily covers with sound a small room, and the sound quality is excellent. Divoom TimeBox, among other things, is also an excellent gift, to yourself, your loved ones and any other person – a colleague, relative, child.

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