Review Top Levitating Gadgets – Magic that comes to Reality

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In the first part of our review of levitating gadgets (that means, of course, magnetic induction), interesting systems have been shown that are able to stay in the air for a long time. Developers continue to come up with all new devices, some of which immediately attract attention.

For this reason, today ADigitalFrame publishes the second part of the compilation. In it – only real devices, and not concepts. Almost everything can be bought, they are on the market. Let’s go!

Flying glasses Levitating CUP

Well, why not throw into the air a simple beer glass or a cup for coffee? That looks like a total geeky commodity. This was thought by the Levitating Cup developers who launched a campaign to raise funds for their project at Kickstarter and collected more than $ 62,000.

In principle, all this is suitable for home use, and for “work” in companies. Who will refuse to drink beer or good cognac from such a vessel? Well and speaking of drinking coffee or tea from a flying mug during work, it is absolutely cool. You have probably thought the same.

True, the cost of flying dishes is not so small: for one unit you will have to pay more than $ 130.

LED Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

If there is a levitating mug on one side of the table, then why not put a flying cactus or a bonsai tree on the other side? Pathonor has developed several models of plant pots that float in the air. And it is sold as a pot, in itself, and pots that are already with plants. You can purchase levitating plant pot with all kinds of different plants or herbs or get them separately. If desired, you can make a flying garden on your desktop or at home. Well, plus it is also an excellent gift that many people will like.
There is still a similar thing for lovers of flowers and plants. This is Artificial Potted Plant Air Bonsai Pot, which is a system of decorative platform with a powerful magnet and a sphere of wood or plastic. The sphere hovers at a height of approximately 2 cm, smoothly rotating around its axis. Fortunately, it is available on Amazon.

Crealev Levitating Table Lamp

The Danish company Crealev has developed a table lamp that looks almost exactly the same as a classic lamp of this type. With a few exceptions – here the upper part of the shade is floating in the air. There is also a light source. By the way, this company provides information on the energy consumption of the levitating system. In a state of rest (when only electromagnets are included), its power consumption is about 3 watts. Not so much. Inside – not an ordinary incandescent lamp, but LEDs.

True, the cost of this light bulb is such that you can buy LED and ordinary lamps for the rest of your life with this money. Its price is about 2 thousand euros. Such a high price developers explain that … they do not explain anything.

Flyte Levitation Light Bulb

This is a less expensive version of the levitating lamp. Here, too, LEDs are used, and even the Flyte base can function as a docking station for wireless charging of mobile devices that support such a standard. According to the manufacturers, the luminaire can work a couple of decades, if you use it about 6 hours a day.

Here are the characteristics:

  • Service life: 50,000 h
  • Energy efficiency: 16 lm / W
  • Maximum brightness: 60 lm
  • Power supply: 15 V
  • Stand dimensions: 126 × 126 × 30 mm
  • Stand Weight: 500 g

The base of the bulb is connected to the outlet, the bulb should then be placed in the center of the base. It immediately hovers in the air, spinning. In order to charge the phone, it must be put on the stand. Flyte is available on Amazon.

Aoske Magnetic Levitation Platform

And this is a levitating platform, which is created for art collectors. On the platform, you can put some small object that will stay in the air and rotate. This object can be a watch, jewelry, cosmetics and much more. In general, an excellent idea for a watch or jewelry store. But you can use this platform at home, keeping your favorite things always in sight.It doesn’t cost so much too. Find it online here.

Flying charger for phones

OvRcharge is a levitating charger for phones that keeps the phone above itself. Wires are only connected to the docking station. Of course, the device itself must support the wireless charging standard.

The very idea is very interesting, it’s a cool device for both home and office. Convenient and attracts attention, right?

Levitating charger for smart watches

Yes, there is such device. This piece is called LIFT. Like most previous gadgets, it’s very easy to work with. You need to connect the charger to the network, and put a smart watch, for example, Apple Watch, on the levitating module. As in other cases, the device will start to rotate. So there is a double benefit – you can watch them for hours, as they are charging. When the system detects the presence of a device, the backlight lights up, which makes the system even more interesting.

Levitating Nixie Clock

And finally, the levitating lamp clock from the Scottish developers. The idea of ​​creating a clock of this type appeared long ago, but only last year the team was able to launch a campaign to raise funds for these watch on Kickstarter.

The clock does not rotate, for which a special stabilization system is used. If desired, you can turn them manually, as shown in the video above. Inside the base there is a battery that supports the entire structure in the air in the event of a power outage. The system can work for years, at least, it’s by the creators. The cost is around $ 300.

Clock with levitating arrow Story

Flyte, one of whose products, the bulb, was shown above, recently introduced one more thing. It is a watch with a levitating arrow that hovers in the air while moving along the dial.

The diameter of the disc is 26.8 centimeters. The material of the dial is a tree. It is interesting that the ball remains at the same distance from the disk, regardless of its inclination. That is, you can put the clock on the table or hang it on the wall – they will show time in either case.

In total, watches have several different modes of operation. The first is to display the hourly time. The second mode, “Journey”, tracks important events for the owner. For example, an hour can measure the time left until the graduation or moving to another country.

The dial, in addition to the metal ball-arrow, is also equipped with a customizable backlight with a miniature digital scoreboard. These watches are “smart”, their functions are managed via a mobile application. The cost of hours for backers on Kickstarter is $ 349.

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