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Smart jewelry is a class of wearable gadgets that look stylish and expensive and at the same time are endowed with some useful but limited functionality. Here are examples of smart jewelry and jewelry for beauty, sex, health and safety.

For beauty

It all started with a fairly simple beauty products, which were filled with electronic novelties. For example, device for all kinds of mood was invented by Philips in conjunction with the company Stella.

Skintile gadget is attached to the skin and just changes colors depending on your mood. The power supply is integrated in this dress.

To this kind of simple and tasteless “devices” can be attributed a flash drive for 2 GB, a bracelet that turns into a cable for charging, shimmering earrings from Amazon or NFC-ring Galaring with one function: unlocking a smartphone.

Interesting in this regard is the startup from Indiegogo – Tago Arc, where one bracelet performs a set of functions and always remains different. With the help of a special application, the pattern can be changed constantly.

Not suitable for any category, but also available is the concept of a bracelet-powerbank. Slightly cumbersome, but always at hand, while existing both in the female and in the male version.

For security reasons

A separate category can be identified as “Safe” gadgets, despite the fact that one of them – Artemis – admitted that they did not get enough funding. It’s all about pendants or other accessories that can send alerts in the event of illegal actions against you. Another curious piece of smart jewelry – The Guardian Angel – the button of a false call. In case you do not want to communicate with someone, it initiates the call.

The most cited brand in this space is Cuff, and here the range of accessories is much wider, also in case of emergency situations they can send geolocation, they can also receive notifications from your smartphone. Steel and leather, from rings to trinkets.


Of course, a special type – jewelry, which would send notifications of incoming calls or sms, and there’s plenty of offers. Rebecca Minkoff bracelets are considered the most premium.

In addition to this brand, other manufacturers appear on the market, for example, BlueJewelz, inside which there is a sensor that receives information about incoming calls, letters or text messages and reminds you about them through vibration. The vibration is turned off by pressing the pendant, and you can return to the conversation at any convenient time. Or Fashionteq, who also presented their collection of smart jewelry with notifications, where besides the bracelet rings are also presented.

Higher class smart jewelry – the development of Intel and Opening Ceremony – smart bracelet – MICA made of snake skin and gold inserts. And also a ring with semiprecious or precious stones, which also performs the functions of a “notifications” – Ringly.

Special attention should be paid to the Kovert project – Altruis stone, which can be represented both in the form of a ring, in the form of a pendant, and in the form of stylish bracelets. And the function is one: notifications.


Leader in the market of “sexual” jewelry, perhaps, remains the company Crave, and the most notorious their project was a mini-vibro-massager Vesper, which in ordinary life can be hung as a pendant decoration and be always there.

However, there are absolutely “insane” options: for example, piercing for a tongue with a vibrator for specific pleasure to the partner. JJK Industries specializes in piercing products.


In fact, this is already portable electronics, but I share them conditionally on the grounds that these devices were originally created as an accessory, beautiful and elegant, unlike, for example, Fitbit or Misfit collaborative projects with fashion designers.

One of the simplest “summer” devices is ultraviolet sensor June, which was in all fashion magazines from Elle to Cosmo. Available in three versions, and based on your skin type, it can send notifications when you should stop beeing in the sun.

Or earrings not supported by the people, but still ready to continue fighting for their existence – Ear-o-Smart – able to control the pulse, physical activity and consumption of calories.

Tracker-brooch Lumo Lift with an additional set of multi-colored clips has a right to participate in our selection. Neat magnets, which can be selected by the colors can simply and elegantly complement the image. And from the additional functions – correction of posture: gadget light vibration suggests that it’s time to straighten up.

There are two interesting bracelets – Mira and WellBe.

So, Mira – is created for those who want to keep themselves in the right form, but do not always have time for it, and the gadget is ready to analyze the situation and give personal recommendations on activities. WellBe is a personal stress tracker from the cork tree, and depending on the rhythm of life and current meetings during the day, it analyzes your pulse and displays calmness or nervousness using understandable graphs, after which you can start the “training” mode in the application to reduce stress.

Very interesting and “delicate” concept from Nanotechnology Victoria, where they offered a series of jewelry with healing properties. For example, a pendant and ring that have microneedles, so that without pain, it can timely inject insulin through the skin. Such a device for people with diabetes is important from an ethical point of view, since not everyone is ready to share their problems.

This year should start the development of the bracelet from Embr labs, which in seconds cools or warms the wrist and monitors the uniform spread of various waves throughout the body.

Wearable gadgets

And in the final, in a few words, I would like to recall that many manufacturers of sports wearable electronics and fitness trackers have solved the problem of improving the design of their devices so that they can become an integral part of the individual style.

For the first time, probably, this approach was implemented by Fitbit with Tory Burch, offering pendants or designer bracelets together with flex sensors. There are known special solutions for activity trackers from Misfit, and their cooperation with Swarovski, and also, at the start of Xiaomi mi Band sales, it was reported that in due course it will be possible to clothe them in leather straps.

That’s it for now. Thanks for your attention.

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