Smart Rings in 2017 – Review

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smartringandphoneTime, when wireless phones were a miracle of technical progress, has sunk into oblivion. Now fans of new trendy gadgets with a skeptical grin look at the button mobile phones and consider the fitness bracelet something self-evident. No one is surprised by the smart watch or pocket battery for 24 thousand mA. However, after smart-watch a new type of device came around, claiming very broad range of utility – smart rings.

We are going to discuss what kind of gadgets they are, why they were invented and whether such devices have the right to become part of our everyday life.

One of the variants of the smart ring was patented by Samsung. According to the idea, this gadget will have the ability to switch TV channels, control the volume of sound on different types of devices, and also be able to become part of the “Smart Home”, performing the functions of raising and lowering the blinds, the light switch in the room and many others.

However, not only Samsung decided to take such a bold step. Patents for smart rings are made by many other electronics manufacturers. For instance, Microsoft uses a gesture management system, Google intends to present such a gadget as a controller for smart glasses, and Apple decided to supplement the standard ring feature set by analogy with the miniature version of Apple Watch.

A few words about the functionality

Smart Motiv Ring can replace a fitness bracelet

If the fitness bracelet for tracking your workouts is too noticeable for your taste, then you might consider fitness tracker ring Motiv.
Smart ring contains almost everything that a regular user hopes to get in a fitness tracker, packed into a tiny device, of course, except the display. But if you are looking for a compact, inconspicuous and easy-to-use gadget, who needs a screen?

The titanium ring, which is available in gray or pink gold in seven sizes, uses three sensors (an optical heart rate sensor, a 3-axis accelerometer and a smart LED sensor) to track the activity and heart rate of its owner. Along with standard tracking functions, such as a pedometer and a calorie counter, the heart rate sensor provides an additional opportunity to know the time when you need to rest.
Motiv is waterproof up to five meters, so it does not give any worries in everyday life, including showering or swimming in the pool.

Like most other wearable devices, its companion application makes it possible to receive personalized feedback, goals for activity and sleep. The Motiv battery can run for three to five days, depending on the usage.

MOTA SmartRing: reminder ring

This ring only shows notifications of incoming calls, sms and messages in social networks. And its main disadvantage is that it’s impossible to read messages directly on the display of the ring. However, it can display the current time.mota smart ring

This device does not offer any more functions, so, perhaps, its “smart-ness” is slightly overrated by the developers.

Smarty Ring: ring-mouse for smartphone

This “smart”, and in addition quite beautiful, ring allows you to receive notifications of new sms or messages on social networks, and also remotely control the smartphone (accept or reject incoming calls, make outgoing calls to pre-entered numbers, turn on the camera and control player).

In addition, the ring is able to display time and includes a timer and a stopwatch. And the operating time of the device is about 24 hours.

But apparently, manufacturers are taking their time with releasing this gadget, so be careful if consider funding them.

Kerv: wallet ring

The company Kerv presented a very good version of the “mobile wallet”, built into a simple, elegant ring without any frills. The accessory contains a hidden NFC module. Separate pluses of this ring is that the device does not require recharging and is able to work autonomously, without binding to the smartphone.

The smart ring from Kerv has a a very low limit on payments, which is only $ 46, and also that this company has not yet been supported by the main payment systems. However, it is rather a matter of time, since the company is already selling their rings.

NFC Ring: business card ring

Developers of NFC Ring have expanded the possibilities of their ring, having created on it at once two zones of application: one for personal, and the second – for public information. So, with the help of a personal zone the owner of the device can pay for goods and services, and also open locks on the doors of his house or car.

In the public zone, the transfer of the phone number or e-mail address to the smartphone can be laid by touching the gadget lightly. According to the developers, this will save the world from a ton of paper business cards.

NOD – ring controller

This device is equipped with a temperature sensor, an accelerometer, a compass and a gyroscope, which allows it to control other devices via Bluetooth. In order to control user can choose the function of gestures or use the touch panel on the ring itself.

The ring can be used to control music on the smartphone, enter text on the on-screen keyboard of the TV or tablet, work as a slide switch for the presentation, turn on and off the light in smart lamps and so on.

Plus of this ring is its open API, thanks to which any developer can “teach” Nod to work with devices running on iOS, Android or any other system.

Fin – Ring Controller

Bluetooth-controller Fin is designed to manage smartphones, tablets, TVs, cars, smart home and other similar devices that support the remote control function. In fact, this smart ring, wearable on your thumb, turns your palm into a full-fledged controller.

Fin uses Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and 4.0 to connect to devices, the ring is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems. The device is designed for long-term use, convenient and adjustable in size.

Ring by Ring – ring-multifunctional controller

Owners of The Ring by using gestures will be able not only to interact with their portable devices, receive notifications from the phone or instant messengers in social networks, but also enter handwritten text, as well as make electronic payments. At the moment, this is the most multifunctional device from those that have already been shown by developers of the general public.

The ring is offered to be worn on the index finger, and the accompanying application for Android and iOS (also scheduled for Windows Phone) will allow you to set your own commands. Ring is able to recognize handwriting input. It also has LED indicators and an integrated vibration motor.

Of the minuses of the product – so far the gadget is not protected from water, but the developer company already designs a waterproof version. The battery charge is enough to process up to 1 thousand gestures.

Apple Smart Rings

Few years ago, Apple patented a smart ring with a touch screen, a processor and a wireless transceiver.

The description of the new device says that the company is interested in creating products that will help to free users from prolonged interaction with heavy devices. It is also assumed that the smart ring can be controlled with the help of voice commands (hello Siri!). In the Apple development there will be a microphone and speaker, which suggests the possibility of using the device to make calls.

Are Smart Rings are really worth it?

Usually, all of the above devices can find application in human life and even make it better. However, all of them are imperfect in one way or another. At the moment there is not a lot of technology in the world that supports work with the NFC module, and most of the functionality can actually be performed by a regular smartphone.

At the same time, the possibilities of the “manual” controller are very wide and can find application not only in everyday life, but also in games, as well as in the virtual reality.

So, if you are a gadget lover or just want to play – this device is for you. And if you are interested in the functionality of smart rings, wait a bit. It is possible that in the near future there will be really interesting models.


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