Underwater Photoshooting with Gladius Diver Drone

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Man, armed with flying drones of all types, finally conquered the sky. But sea depths still hide a lot of mysteries, some of which underwater drone Gladius is going to reveal.

The yellow submarine which weights 6.6 lbs (3 kg) comes in two versions: standard and advanced. Both are made of a neutral-floating aluminum alloy and have a 98-feet “leash” that stretches to a buoy floating on the surface.
The tether is needed for signal transmission, since radio waves are poorly propagated in water. But the buoy itself is equipped with Wi-Fi and transmits the signal to the controller in the hands of the human operator. The standard version has a range of 98 ft (30 meters), an improved version – 1633 ft (500 meters).
Gladius Diver DroneGladius is designed for a maximum depth of 330 ft (100 meters). To reach it, it is necessary to order an additional cable of the appropriate length. Four propellers drive this device into depths. The battery charge lasts for 3.5 hours.

Two versions of the drone are able to shoot video and photos and even have a built-in backlight: two LED lights with 1200 lumens each. The advanced 16-megapixel camera shoots 4K-video, the standard 8-megapixel camera is designed for HD. The footage is recorded on a memory card.
Gladius DroneThe controller works in conjunction with a smartphone based on iOS or Android. Drone broadcasts video in real time on the screen of a mobile device.
The developers of the drone launched a crowdsfunding campaign on Indiegogo, at the time of writing, attracted $ 152,740 of the $ 30,000 requested. There are 7 days left to the end, but those who wish can still order a standard version for $ 599 and advanced – for $ 799. In retail, they will cost $ 1,399 and $ 1,699.
The first deliveries are scheduled for June 2017.

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