Unique popular types of photo albums

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Yes, paper dies, and for storing all kinds of images digital media are used more often. But sometimes it feels good to take old heavy tome, find photos of yourself, friends and relatives on dusty pages… Let’s explore the market.  

paper photo album



Baby photoalbum. Each stage of the baby growing up is great moment to capture! It does not hurt to get a baby photo album where all the images of kid would be collected. And when the child becomes a teenager, he will ask you, “Where are my photos?” While looking at his childhood pictures, he might feel as a strong adult.

Wedding photoalbum. Ideally, it happens once in a lifetime. Ah, wedding! How many memories and joyful experiences … all shades of emotions can be captured on the camera. Print pictures and make your wedding selection, you will not regret!

Family photoalbum. Why people get divorced? Maybe they just do not remember and do not appreciate those precious moments that was in their life together? Beautiful family photo album will certainly help strengthening the marriage bond. While sitting side by side on the couch, you will get transported to a happy past and once again get imbued with tenderness to each other. Make photos more often and print them. They might get handy!

Personal photoalbums. It’s important to love and respect yourself. Get a personalized photo album. Put your best pictures inside and check them out more often. This will be an excellent remedy for depression, for when it’s a black strip. Helps you remember that life goes on, you’re young and beautiful!

Other types of photoalbums. Baby and wedding album types are popular, and yet most produced albums are not thematic. In those you can put all sorts of pictures: pet dog, classmates or colleagues at work … Just pick the album, that will be convenient for storing your pictures.

stylish album


Book, notebook or folder. In the first case, the album consists of a binder, and attached to it sheet unit. Some models are specially stylized as antique tomes. Classic photo books upholster leather or dense natural fabrics (eg linen), complemented by satin ties and so forth. Some are equipped with a beautiful sheath that protects expensive hardcover. The second type – “Notebook”. In this photo album pages are easier to flip. And the third option – file folder with split rings. You can buy more units sheets for them, and you may change the order of pictures, take them out of the album, insert in the new place, etc.

Sheets and photographs. Each album is composed of a certain number of sheets – from about 10 to 60. It can contain on average 100-400 pictures  of 10 × 10, 10 × 15, 13 × 18, 15 × 21, 20 × 30 cm format and others. The sheets are often made two-sided (so the album is not too thick). Pictures can be attached to them in various ways. The most common option – plastic pockets. Pictures of standard format (usually 10 × 15 cm) are simply inserted under the transparent film. Secondly it’s sticking photos. But it’s not necessary to spoil them with glue, because you can buy double-sided adhesive stickers (a few hundred pieces in package). Third, the most modern variant – the magnetic sheets: the pictures are attached to a solid support, which are covered with adhesive composition. From above they are fixed with transparent film.

different albums


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